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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's All About Color

What's your favorite color?

Are you able to answer quickly? Do you have to think about it? Does it matter if it's a color of clothing? Or perhaps a house color? I always give a bit of a pause, balance if I'm going to wear it or stare at it on the wall, then respond. Then again. . . I've been perfectly obsessed with my favorite hue for multiple years and couldn't care less if my outfit blends in with the background;-)

It seems such a simple question and you would perhaps think that the answer doesn't change. . . But if your exposure to color changes as grow older, and color options change as you seek them out, then your favorite would change right along with it all, right? I think so! I mean - look at the options!!!

And what makes one color so much more appealing to you than another? Sometimes, is the name of the color? I've noticed when trying to decided on a paint color, and it's narrowed down to two, it's the name that helps make that final decision. Hmmm......

Each year Pantone announces a color of the year. This year that color is purple. Okay. Don't get excited - not *purple* but Radiant Orchid.


I always wonder how they decide. Is there a vote and I missed it? Do some other brilliant and bright people choose? How do they choose? Is there a fight or maybe it's a final coin toss that decides the winner? And so many colors to choose from. . .

And just because you have a favorite, does it mean you can't like other colors? Or perhaps, with the right media, create your own special hue. That's my favorite thing about paint. . . you can make your own colors as though they don't exist anywhere on the color wheel.

Sometimes a color will remind you of a particular person or evoke a certain memory - good or bad.

Orange always brings back warm thoughts of my Great-Grandmother.

She used to have Lucille Ball red hair, love to wear bright orange-gold-brown outfits, and occasionally wore a magnificent amber-stoned cocktail ring. I loved her dearly. . . though not the color orange. Funny thing, isn't it?

My favorite color is robin's egg blue -

and a little bluer to bright sky blue; and a little greener to mint green.

But not-so-much purple and definitely not yellow. Who knows why - robin's egg blue and its related hues just make me feel happy, warm, alive, comfortable. Reminds me of the softness of nature during Spring. Perhaps this chart could help. . .

Hmmm. . . Seems to pretty accurately describe me. . . And when I look up what was quite apparently my Great-Grandmother's favorite colors - it most certainly fits that feisty woman to a tee. Right down to her early October Birthday. What does it say about you and your favorite color?

So. . . tell me. . . what is *YOUR* favorite color?

Have a Colorful Kind of Day ~

Robin Z

Monday, January 6, 2014

Post Holiday Confessions

Happy *AFTER* Holidays!!!!

While the winter weather may be going strong (it's bright and sunny out there today, 4 degrees, and the ground is white  with snow) the Christmas decorations are beginning to disappear. In my home, the sparkle remains!  The Christmas Tree & stockings have been taken down and packed away until next year.

But other Winter Decorations remain to remind me, my family, and visiting friends of the shine of the season. One of my favorites is my winter scene collection on the stairwell ledge.

It's especially pretty at night.

And while I found this Holiday Season more difficult than past ones, maybe a little more sad than glad, feeling the pressure to be cheerful and full of good tidings, I enjoyed the time spent with family. Like the afternoon my daughter and I spent planning, designing, and decorating the chandelier and

buffet in the dining room

(See Fritzie kitty trying to hide behind the candle there???  She's such a camera hog. LOL). Those decorations bring a little color and joy to the winter season.

Friends also bring lightness and a special glow to the season - just like the mercury glass ornaments lined up on my display cabinet

especially when surrounded by cheerful little winter birdies I received as special gifts from special friends.

Special, special friends! ;-)

There's just all this pressure to spend more than you can afford while constantly seeking out that 'perfect' gift; to be perpetually happy and full of good cheer, have the best Christmas decorations, the warmest hearth, the most traditional of holiday meals, the parties full of laughter and charm. . . and the magazines, Hallmark channel, and advertising suggestions go on and on.

Peel back these highly-pressurized, unrealistic expectations, the unattainable goals, and the refusal to max out the credit cards and do you know what is left? Precisely what should be left - however *YOU* want to celebrate December. 

Whatever brings you joy while you're hurting from the loss of loved ones. Whatever makes you smile when you are unable to afford the gifts and goodies. Whatever fills you with comfort knowing that you are loved, just the way you are, even though you aren't throwing holiday parties because of the overtime you are putting in at work or because you simply just don't feel like it.

I'm working on not getting sucked into and overly influenced into what may or may not be the ultimate goal of a Rockwell, Macy Parade, Martha Stewart Christmas. I'm working on remembering that Thanksgiving through New Year's Day is simply a month full of days - which happens to include overly recognized days apparently set aside for reconnecting with friends and family. So the most important thing is not how my home is decorated, is not the meals that are served, holiday cards sent, or gifts purchased. It's a commercialized reminder of how I strive to treat those that I love every single day of the year.

So the Holiday season may be over - but the glitter (even after it's all packed away) and love will stay with me all year through, and hopefully culminate into a stress-free, love-filled Holiday Season 2014 and beyond.

Have a Holiday -kind of day ~

Robin Z

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Kind of Cat is That??? Comes Back!

 You've been introduced to my sister-brother pair of Russian Peterbald kitties, Fritzie & Frazer before. . . are you wondering what they've been up to since that post three years (has it honestly been *that* long?!?!?) ago?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Upcycling a Vision to a Fancy Costume

It all started with an idea. . . Less than vague, abstract,  and definitely not concrete.   I would describe Halloween 2013's first glimmering of a costume as more of a vibe or a concept; a blurry illusion of hmmmmmm. . . .

Being a traditionalist, as well as a habitualistic, I stuck with my typical black. . . But this year, I added some red and stepped it up a notch from just wearing cat ears or a Mardi Gras mask.

My vision included lots of upcycling, destashing, and outright creative maneuvering of:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embracing Autumn

As much as I *L♥VED* my summer decor - as the leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler, and the days get shorter - it's time for change.

Out of the four seasons we experience here in Southeast Kansas, Fall is #3 on my list. . . just not one of my favorites. And, as far as Halloween goes. . . it doesn't quite make it to my top 3. But, being that I like to decorate, and the last time I actually decorated was nearly half a year ago. . . change is good!

Start with a few books carefully selected from my bookshelves and add a small trinket. . . Then move on to a favorite ghost