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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bling on Bling with more Bling

I'm a multi-bling wearer. . . Multiple bracelets? Frequently. On both wrists. Two or three necklaces? Typically, yes. Earrings? Sometimes. Three or more rings? Pretty much always.  

It's easy to get too blingy (Really?!?!? Is that really possible?!?! Ahem - yes. It is.) And yet, to not have enough bling is just. . . well, just sad, that's what.  Blingees frequently say: "I *never* would have thought of wearing those two pieces together -and yet I like it a LOT" when I demonstrate jewelry combination ideas.
Here are a few of my current multi- blingy favorites (complete with links - when available in the ksyardbird Etsy shop) to inspire you.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Sherbert-toned pearls, typewriter key looking hook-clasp and tiny black beads go wonderfully with a crystal clear button on a black-toned chain necklace. . . and for the wrist? A shiny black chain with frosty cubes (complete with rhinestones). And the ears? Oxidized sterling silver, white glass rectangle, and sparkly crystal dangly earrings. BLING!

Perfect for a T-shirt kind of day. . . a shorter necklace of chunky pearls wrapped in ribbon on a silver-toned chain, and a longer double-hearted sparkler. Add some pearl and silver heart earrings for just the right amount of BLING!

A little more subtle. . . in brass - but still super classy. Start with a brass-frame mother-of-pearl button necklace, and some deep red pearls and rhinestone-studded rounds a brass chain for your elegant neck.  then add some brassy-wrapped mother of pearl flower earrings. BLING! right?!?

Keeping it simple. . . tiny pink pearl clusters on sterling silver wires for the ears and gorgeous pinky-peach mother of pearl rectangles with a silver heart and rhinestone ball for the neck. Romantic occasions call for a bit less in the amount of jewelry you may wear. . . but no less BLING!

Amping it up!!! Two pairs of earrings? If you got 'em, wear 'em! Bronze leaves with rose buds on  AND rosy wire roses - both on copper hooks. An all out rosy-red strand of pearls (complete with a few crystals and a rosy-copper toggle clasp that's meant to be seen), a longer copper chain with bronze leaf rose buds. Then (oooh-la-la!!) soft green aquamarine chips, coppery clasp, and a rosy-red tassel. Yes! Tassel!!!  Love. It. BLING it on!

 Shimmer. Glimmer. Shine. Two-toned mother of pearl buttons (like that watch-fob look? Me too!!) start the silver and bronze pairing on the long necklace, with bronze-toned andulasite, a chunky white pearl and silver necklace to bring it up closer to your face. And to frame that lovely face, bronze-framed glass hearts on sterling silver earrings. BLING!

Wondering about my blinged-up clipboards? I. Love. Them! Custom stain, creative spray paint, rub-on transfers, paper flowers. . . . full creation details are for another blog:-)

Have a BLINGY kind of day ~

Robin Z

P.S. The highlighted words link to web page where you can read more about the blingy treasure (and purchase, if you like!). Sadly, some of the bling has been sold since the photos were taken and the publishing of this blog. Darn it.

P.P.S. Follow ksyardbird on Facebook for special dates and locations where you can find Robin Z have her help you *in person* with creating your own blingy layering style. <3 p="">

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Falling into Winter

I LOVE Spring. I ADORE Summer. I like Fall except that it reminds me that summer is fading and winter is soon to hit. I dislike winter - so cold and dark. But necessary. I get that. . .

I LOVE to piddle around in my yard during the warm months. Not doing anything serious, water plants, eat the sweet grape tomatoes growing in my whiskey barrels, clean the filter in my patio fountain, take photos (especially with my new camera - thanks to Hubster!)

My garden handtools hang on the rake head that's all hidden behind a a vintage wooden greenhouse tray/flat to protect them from the weather.  I LOVE how I can use the tray to carry whatever I need to do whatever it is I'm piddling on. And I LOVE how my tools hang here waiting for their next chore, their next adventure.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Orange You Glad???

Knock! Knock!

(You're supposed to say 'Who's There'?)


(Orange Who?)

Orange you glad I didn't say squirrel???

Maybe I did. . .
A picture is worth 1,000 words. . .

Especially if one of the words is 'squirrel'. . .

and another is 'orange'. . .

Friday, June 12, 2015

Mis-Stepping Out

I missed you!!!!!

My last blog entry was three looooong months ago (to the day), mere minutes before The Mis-Step that changed my world, my day to day routine, my life, my attitude, and my ankles. . . . and proved that couches can be important, Warrior Princesses do exist and I have the Very Bestest Hubster in the Universe!!

The story - I slipped on a single solitary step (in my tall home where three flights of stairs live) on my way downstairs to have lunch with Hubster. Neither of us got lunch that day. . . . 

(The scene of The Mis-Step)

That bottom one. . . right there. Dumb *&^%$ step. Thank goodness the landing was there to catch my fall. Or something like that. Hrmph.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beautiful Blinged Up Box By YOU!

I. Love. It!!! And I just can't wait one more day to show you the end-results of *our* project. . . . You are all were a part of this creation. . . a sweet little old box now blinged up and holding blingy parts. . . SUPER SWEET!!!

I went with the old rusty water hydrant handle, an over-sized rhinestone (missing one rhinestone, in fact) button up high on the top. . . I think it shows off the curves that the creator cut into the wood nicely. On the front, I wanted to keep it simple to really show off the old wood, chipped paint, and rusty nail heads. I dug around in my parts stash and came up with an old somewhat rusty skeleton key (to my friend who prefers her keys to face downward, I'm truly sorry. It just fit so nicely and framed that front cut out that I couldn't help myself) that fit wonderfully!