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Monday, August 15, 2016

A Bit on Butterflies

I was feeling pretty low the other day. Just burdened with day to day worries of life, country and the world. Not even decorating a room or creating a new bracelet could touch the funk. In fact, the funk left me rather uninspired.

Looking for distraction, I gazed out the window. And there, on the patio, on the back of a chair was this:

And suddenly, for a moment. Everything was okay

and the creativity soared.

Best teeny-weeny little itty-bitty mini-mini vacay in quite a very long time.

Things getting 'heavy'? Take a moment and really look around you.

Take pleasure in the small things - and the bad things won't seem so big.

And remember -

It's Okay.

It really is OKAY.

Have an Okay-Kind-Of-Day

Robin Z

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gussying It Up For Guests

Guest rooms. We've all got some kind of experience with them. I've stayed in a few in my lifetime and I've had a few.

Moving to our new home (a veritable vacation spot with lake, museums, shopping, restaurants. . . ) , my goal was to have clean, cozy and comfortable guest rooms. I used to run a B & B, for pete's sake. . . I know how to gussy up a room for guests. I got this.  And I did. Sort of. . .


Friday, May 27, 2016

Getting Hooked on a Mirror. . .

of a different color. . .

I have this mirror. A pretty mirror. I like it a lot. It has a little shelf and hooks and is just perfect for catching my random jewelry bling. But it just didn't match my decor. Not at all. A distressed off-white with a brown-red-black iron scroll on top and brassy looking hooks below the shelf. . . nope. It just didn't make the cut.

Then. . . lightbulb!

With the help of my trusty drill (and a variety of bits), I removed the iron scroll (setting it aside to be painted), and took off the brassy hooks (saving them for another project - I had something different in mind). I taped the mirror securely so the spray paint wouldn't find it, did some light sanding and started the transformation.

First I painted it a deep gray-blue, just as the base. Then I topped it with a medium jade in satin - not too heavily done. And on top of that I sprayed (my favorite color, as you know) matte robin egg blue in an even, but not quite heavy coat. And I allowed a few splatters. And I didn't try very hard to get every angle and every nook and cranny. The idea was to allow the colors to meld, blend, reflect on each other and give it all some depth.  I thought about doing some light sanding in critical spots (like along the shelf edge) to really give it a warm, worn look. But I liked it too much the way it was.

The wrought iron scroll (after a good brushing to remove in loose paint) got a base coat of heavy-black. Nice and thorough, not missing even a crease. Then a layer of bronze was lightly coated over the top. And over that (just to bring the metallic of the bronze paint down a couple notches) I
misted a deep walnut brown-black over that. Excellent.

Now, for the knobs. . . How about some porcelain painted metal number tags for fun? Yes. I think so. Then some vintage-look glass drawer knobs in the (couldn't have been any closer if it had been planned) same color as the shelf with bronze screw covers just to keep things neat looking.  Some good ol' E-6000 to secure the tags, back to the trust drill for the perfect sized holes for the knobs.

Then. . . reattach the iron piece and remove the tape from the mirror.

Oh! Bam! Perfect!!!!

This project was a rather impromptu one - thus the lack of 'before' and 'during' photos. I was too excited and in-the-moment to slow down long enough to grab the camera. The important thing is, there are some cool 'after' shots, right?

Have a Through-the-Looking-Glass kind of day ~

Robin Z

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Dog and His Turtle

While I continue to make our new house a home and set up my new studio, Jaz the wonder Vizsla-boy-dog inspired a little rhyme - complete with a few fun photos. Spring's in the air and, in my opinion, there's nothing like enjoying it in my very own backyard right here in the Ozarks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Serving Up Useful & Beautiful

I've got this six foot long buffet. . . I purchased it specifically because I LOVED it (more on using that concept to decorate in a later blog. Was a recent light bulb moment for me as a decorator) and because it was the same width as a pair of gorgeous windows in my dining room.

Then we moved.

And another perfect spot became evident in the bar area of our kitchen / great room. Wider than the window behind it, but still with plenty of light to make the glassware sparkle and glow.